HIT Training Frequency

An ingredient often misunderstood in the training program of a bodybuilder is the right dose of exercise required for optimal muscle growth. In other words, the question of the number of sets and repetitions and frequency of training. The temptation is to follow the belief that more is better ... if "x" number of sets and reps work, work better - right? The goal should be to find the optimal amount needed to achieve the best results in muscle growth and conditioning workout.
There are two points to consider, the first is the frequency of the formation of a group of muscles, including the overall rate of formation and the effect on the central nervous system, the central nervous system.
If the program is based on a large-scale approach, and you are a natural bodybuilder, a small group of muscles such as arms must be trained hard once a week, with a more moderate session several days apart. This is because the arms are involved in the formation of each upper body and get a lot of work accordingly. Large muscle groups such as chest, legs and back can handle a workload much stricter because of their size. Therefore, it can be sufficiently driven twice per week to the large-scale approach.
When HIT is used, the protocol of high intensity, which is the type of training I specialize in, we need to change the speed significantly. This process constitutes a maximum intensity with muscles in most cases. About the only time it is not for the current cycle, while the formation of by-default is used to confuse the body to make high intensity efforts more effective.
There are several stages of training, beginner, intermediate and advanced. During the initial phase, the smaller muscle groups like the arms are formed with 3-4 total sets and large groups such as the chest, legs and back are formed using 4-5 sets in total with the formation of sub - failure. At this stage, it is important to learn proper form on all the exercises and do not worry about making a profit.
Once the exercises are controlled passes to the intermediate step in which the game number is reduced to 2-3 sets for small groups and 3-4 sets for large groups. The number of games used depends on the ability of the student to generate maximum intensity. It is better to train more with fewer games. All games are on the point of momentary muscular failure, until there is no more complete repetitions can be achieved. In all exercises, use smooth, pulse shape.
After 4-6 months of training, go to the advanced program. Small muscle groups are formed with 1-2 sets, while the large muscle groups are formed using 2-3 complete sets.
All games should be brought to the point of momentary muscular failure. After a variable intensity forced officials to be used to push each other past efforts have failed.
Now that we have described progress in HIT, we focus on the correct frequency of training. Since taxes will hit the muscles and the central nervous system for many, it is often necessary to reduce the number of times that each muscle group is formed.
Recovery apprentice level should be borne in mind that each person's body has its own ability to work. Much depends on the conditioning of a person and the amount of effort during training. Some trial and error will occur, but the general guidelines are to train each body part once every seven to ten days.
After resting your muscles for seven days, try another session. If you drag a little weight or used during the year fell trying to add an additional 2-3 days between sessions. Since you will be training each group once every 7 to 10 days, your body must be able to fully recover. Depending on your training division, the whole body must be formed within 2-3 sessions 7-10 days. This is enough to keep the air conditioning on high and both broader and increasingly stronger muscles.
Now look at some of the training sample. The first program is a big step.
Leg extensions, a set of 15-20 reps to failure
Restless, jumping, leg press machine and do:
Leg presses, a series of 12 repetitions to failure
Negative press leg. Weight heavier than normally used in this exercise load 40%. With the help of a partner, or their own weapons, press the plate and the point of full extension. Using only the left leg to reduce plaque to the starting position. Repeat with the right leg and continue alternating legs until you can no longer control the downward movement of the machine safely.
The following is a routine to construct
Incline dumbbell curls, one set of 8-10 reps to failure
Restless, take a pair of dumbbells for next year:
Standing barbell curls negative, a series of 8 repetitions for not catching motion negative downside. Use a set of "bells strong enough to allow you to get up to 8 negative. Having a partner who lift weights or cheating, then reduce to a 8 n, repeat.
Cable Triceps Press - to a set of 8-10 reps to failure.
Make sure you keep your elbows against your body throughout the year to maintain the tension on your triceps.
Bench press nearby - Mango September 1st 10 repetitions to failure. After completing 10 reps, your partner will provide the necessary support for you to complete an additional 3-4 reps. It is necessary that these representatives and offer you the opportunity to take their game beyond the normal starting point is a great way to nail the triceps to grow again!
Seated wrist curls dumbbells or bar, a set of 12-15 reps to failure, followed by a series of loops opposite wrist, 12-15 repetitions.
You should get a real burn in the forearm after completing these two sets.
These workouts are an excellent example of productive HIT programs and give an example of a typical pattern of a large group of muscles and small. Other major muscle groups are chest and back. Should follow similar routines that you did for your legs, simply insert the appropriate exercises for each. Abdominals, lower back, traps and neck are examples of small muscle groups and have routines that are similar in structure to the program arm.
Planned layoffs training
After training for months, it's a good idea to take a break from training to allow your body to fully recover from intense training. Many bodybuilders that lose strength and size, but in most cases they will not. In fact, everyone most, if not gain some size and strength after a week lay 1-2. This is because many people are training your muscles need to rest and to have the opportunity to grow and recover. Another byproduct is your body will not be used for intense training and begin to respond very positively to resume training.
Your body is very efficient to adapt to limitations and quickly get used to the training at maximum intensity. You posing for a short duration of your workouts, you break the status quo and your body quickly adapts to his lack of training. Rest also allows your muscles to completely rebuild and reload glycogen, creatine and other energy boosters.
After the dismissal, when the hard training resume, your body will not be used for training and start to make new progress, as I had when I started training.
Change the volume and intensity
As mentioned above, your body adjusts to the formation of high quickly, usually 4-6 months of regular exercise intensity. When this happens gains in muscle size and strength will stop or at least slow down considerably.
To restart profits, reduce the intensity by taking our games developed by - failure - ie, the end of our games a representative to momentary muscular failure. We will also need to slightly increase the number of our series to reflect the low intensity of the effort.
A sample of the training session arm:
Dumbbell curls - 1 set of 8 reps Supersetted with Concentration Dumbbell Curls - 1 set of 12 repetitions Make two complete sets of super- Lying triceps extensions with dumbbells - 1 set of 10 repetitions Supersetted with Cable Triceps kickbacks - 1 set of 8 reps Make two complete sets of super-
Do both super-sets without rest between exercises and wear a dress rehearsal before muscular failure.
Continue training your arms with this program for 3-4 weeks, then return to the series of maximum intensity leading to failure.
In future articles, I will go into more detail on how the current cycle to stimulate muscle growth after reaching a plateau or a sticky issue. Until then, keep hitting the iron!
David is a coach Groscup author / head in HIT, high intensity training, a weight training form using intense training short and achieve outstanding results.
His books have been used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world to a new strength, size and the results of the fitness quickly.


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