Cardiovascular Training: Best Way to Lose Muscle

Currently , there are many claims of weight loss with false promises and new products on the market today. Not only do these contradictory messages, sometimes with contradictory information or abstract , but they are downright overwhelming. The reason why there is such an abundant amount of information available , it is because getting healthy has become a fad . Like wild fire , businesses and supermarkets quickly jumped on the bandwagon healthy, make claims " health food " something chicken nuggets brownie . These sneaky marketing tactics , it is difficult for people to decipher nickname healthy . That's why I 'm here , why I took the " fitness activities in the first place because I want to help people make healthier decisions possible .

Many people looking to get in shape and see the big powerful machine GOOGLE ; part of the research to be more " best foods to build muscle " or " eat" . Seriously , go see it. The main problem , of course, is that everyone wants to claim new and improved methods and most are misleading . Obviously, everyone in the fitness world is that way, but most of the advertising and claims that you see is not people in the fitness world . this is why I want to help you eliminate by all directions. for today's article , I will focus on the myth that the best way to lose weight is cardiovascular exercise such as rolling elliptical carpet.

Even if people see weight loss on these machines are not even close to the best ways to burn fat. Now, people should keep in mind everyone has different reasons and objectives for the year. With that in mind, if you do not move properly due to tense or painful joints muscles these machines is not good for you. Think of it this way, if the car has problems with the tires and the biggest engine you will get the same gas mileage out of it? If you guessed , you're not on the right track, it will not be because the car does not work effectively . It's the same thing for your body, if your joints and muscles are tight and you're not burning calories properly then you will eventually work much harder to achieve the same objective as someone who is effective in moving and burn calories . To burn calories efficiently not only necessary to exercise properly , eat clean but I will go into more depth on this subject in a future article.

With all this in mind , there have been many studies that show the negative effects on training in the field of cardiovascular equipment without following any diet strength training . In other words , if you're constantly running on a treadmill or outside , especially during extended periods of time . You 're body will run out of fuel you use and start using muscles, and protein for fuel. At the same time , because they do not follow any type of strength training of the muscles weaken and narrow. Tense muscles and weak will eventually lead to pathological movement patterns and joint pain . A quick way to visualize this is to look at pictures of marathon runners . Now keep in mind if he or she is a marathon runner who is fine if that is the goal and the body has been trained to run marathons . The body adapts to the way a train , but that being said, if you are not strength training will not run many marathons. Some riders who do not follow a diet strength training are extremely thin with little muscle mass. This is what happens when you do a lot of training cardiovascular endurance, without any kind of strength training .

What is the best type of exercise to lose as much fat and not lose all your muscles? The answer is a combination of intense training short term metabolic like sprinting and interval training . As well as strength training , training as a kettle bell, dumbbell workout , or just lifting heavy things properly and put them in the right way. Same types of body weight training are extremely effective. I'll explain this in another article as well. Before, when I asked you to look at a picture of a marathon runner , OK, now take this picture and compare it with the image of a sprinter. Note the sprinter has a very different configuration. They have the greatest legs and calves , most have a six -pack and more , they are very fit. The main reason is the sprinter is not only training the cardiovascular system, but also its system of muscles. These intense burst of energy not only helps you lose weight but to build muscle as well , so that the difference in appearance compared to the wheel sprinter. This is easily recognizable in the gym as well . Someone who is always just a practical system such as muscle strength is not as rounded as anyone training in endurance, strength , flexibility and power.

I 'm sure you 've heard that the more muscle you put on your body more calories than your body burns alone. Now, this does not necessarily mean that you will get huge muscles if you strength train and use interval training . Get big bulky muscles have a preference , and follow an extremely strong nutritional program . So for most people it will give more dense lean muscle and a reduced amount of body fat. The point is that if you are training to increase dense that not only burn fat when you sprint, but also when the body sleeps and gets lean muscle mass. If you're just running it burn calories when you run , and for most , you will lose muscle and burn fewer calories during the day. If you are interested in a deeper look at why this is please send me a message or happy me and id go in this with you.

exemplary routine


Jog in place high knees for a minute

Metabolic training

Interval 30 seconds 15 seconds work rest


Inch Worm + Push-up

Squat Cup

Jump Hurdle side

strength training

5x5 = 5 sets of 5 reps

5x5 deadlift

5x5 bench

Squat 5x5

Farmers Carry 5x5

Joe Dymnioski by Jessica Cortese

All information provided by the strength and conditioning coach Joe Dymnioski .
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