Fitness Tests to See Where You Stand Health-Wise

There are some fitness tests that can give us a good idea of where we are when it comes to overall health. The two tests described here can be performed at any time , in almost all locations. In fact, when you've finished reading this masterpiece ( that should be fun ), you can get up and try it yourself . It gives you an idea of ​​your strength, flexibility and stability that the second proof is essential for healthy aging .

A. The test - meeting rising. This test, called SRT , was conducted by Brazilian researchers a few years ago . The concept is simple enough, but the scoring system is a bit ' like the Olympic ice rink . It is the ability to sit on the floor to a standing position and then to a sitting position. The ' goal is to sit and stand without touching the ground with nothing more than your feet , which can be crossed in the process.

We begin the year with five points for each side, sitting and standing , and when a hand , elbow or any other part of the body touches the ground , you lose a point. You lose half a point if you lose your balance on the way down or up. To be in perfect condition, you should get at least eight points in total or in kind by a button on the top floor and down without losing balance .

This is a test for musculoskeletal fitness , flexibility and strength , and this is believed to be vital for longevity. Brazilian researchers claim that there is a direct correlation between the height you score on the test and the number of years you can expect to live. This can be a bit ' far-reaching , but certainly fundamental strength , balance and overall flexibility is important for healthy aging .

2 . The board abdominal exercise . This exercise , also known as " balance, it is fairly easy to describe, but difficult to maintain for a certain period of time. Ideally face down , only your fingers and forearms should be touching the ground. 's ' Trunk must be kept upright and rigid , then just maintain this position as long as possible .

The minimum time you should be able to do is two minutes . It ' really a test of muscle strength on the amount of weight carried around the trunk . Obviously , most of the weight that must be supported is the weight of the trunk . So if you have difficulty reaching the mark of two minutes may be due to excess belly fat, which is known to be the most dangerous health wise .

These are two tests that can be easily self-administered in the way you train you. But they are also a couple of great bodyweight exercises that can be done without going to a spa. The dashboard, for example, can be optimized to work on other areas . The plank position lift one leg to the ground for fifteen seconds , then the other. There is absolutely no excuse for anyone not to do exercises of this kind , which have absolutely no equipment and no time or money to give you a great workout.

The exercises that work different muscle groups are great for everyone, but it is generally a favorite bodybuilding beginners . Some may be classified as a gain muscle without using weights like push ups or squats. Read more on our website . Rich Carroll is a health enthusiast and writer who lives in Chicago.


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