Debunking The Top 5 Fitness Myths

here are many myths that surround the field of fitness and exercise that have no real basis in fact or reality. But persist anyway, and unfortunately many accept these misconceptions is sometimes also cause damage to their bodies as a result. So, let's debunk the top 5 myths of the fitness time .

A. No pain , no gain has been a common mantra heard in gyms across the country for years . No doubt it has its roots in the truth that you need to push your body when exercising or do not do really well. However, to take this to the extreme where you do not feel you have a good workout unless the pain involved is simply not true. In fact, the opposite is true . Pain is the way to tell you that something you do is not good and usually feels before a serious accident occurs in your body. So pay attention to the warnings. Note that some mild discomfort can be felt when you push your body beyond its current capacity , but when you go to the point of pain you have gone too far .

2 . Another myth is that weight training for women will make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is simply not true. Women are completely different from men physical structure , which focuses more on deposits of fat and less muscle mass. It is simply not possible for a normal woman to produce huge muscles weights only . Instead , weight training can help strengthen and condition of women , improve overall strength. So do not listen to the myth, some form of weight training is beneficial for all .

3 . Many exercises have heard that you need to workout on an empty stomach to burn more calories. Even in this case is not only true . Burning calories has absolutely nothing to do with what is in your stomach when you are working . Burning calories is related to the duration and intensity of your workout. In fact, if you engage in an intense workout on an empty stomach , you are likely to dizziness and fainting does not have enough energy to meet the demand of the muscle. This is the reason why it is often a good idea to have a small carbohydrate snack 10-15 minutes before training.

4 . Another popular myth is that the person has in belly fat because their stomach muscles are weak . It may be true that the abdominal muscles are weak, but belly fat and all fats , it is put on the body by overeating and little physical exercise to burn calories. In other words, you can do all the stomach crunches and you still want to not have a flat stomach , if you are still eating too much and not burn calories efficiently .

5 Another myth - . Protein builds muscle . That builds muscle works your muscles regularly. The protein is good to have in the diet, but too much of it can actually be dangerous and cause health problems. So if you want to build muscle mass to do what works , work longer and harder.

Understanding the myths of popular condition can help you focus on the truth of the ' year instead and get the results that you really want.

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