Building a High Intensity Training Workout Routine

As coach of the high intensity training for strength athletes , often, sometimes every day, ask questions about how to build a workout routine , how to get the workout routine or the next step is to achieve individual potential . Always Keep It Simple Stupid using the basic theory of HIT .
I wish I could say it's just an experience that allows me to answer these questions, but is actually a combination of critical thinking , experience and understanding of how the people around us , including athletes , based on different ... their genetic heritage. What I mean is that , although strength training high intensity is probably the market the most effective training , due to its effectiveness and how our bodies are designed , we all different DNA and application of theory and high intensity training is the key to the riddle.
It is not a secret that we are all genetically different , our fingerprints for individual differences that make us . If you look at the color we have albinos at one end of the spectrum and Negros to another. This difference is directly related to tolerance to sunlight in an albino can tolerate very little volume light of the black sun can tolerate much more . These are genetic ! The same applies to the muscles , height, IQ, and a list of others.
The same is true of exercise tolerance , but are physiologically the same as we are genetically different . That's why when I build an exercise routine can customize the person who uses it. There is a full size!
To say that there is a size , there are exercises that are very effective in the implementation of the mechanism of general body growth. These exercises are what I call the big exercises like deadlifts , squats, high pulls rows, dips , bench press and their substitutes . When building training , I use a grid of these exercises, depending on the goals of the individual and the increase in these exercises with other effective but less stressful exercises. Using the volume and frequency of the thermometer to join the training sessions short and strange, I asked a series of questions to get a read on what could be their genetic makeup. It may be :
or What do you think your weaknesseso What is the stage of completion has been for the past 3 monthso What are your energy levels are presento What is the frequency of the current controlo What is the intensity level that applieso What is your diet like and what you tend to eato What percentage of body fato How long have been trainingo What training have been initiation ; high volume or high intensityo Include aerobic exercises or cardio -vascular and why
These are just a few. By asking these questions, I paint a picture of what they are genetically , and the way to go to reach the point where they are now . If you are looking for an exercise routine and I found , in most cases , how to focus their objectives failed . What I find is that in many cases , they are shipwrecked . Months and years did not matter because of two things progress.
1 - do not cooperate with their genetic2 - No valid application, the theory of high intensity training , which states that the exercise must be intense, brief and infrequent .
It is not a secret that you can train hard and long, but you can not train hard and long. Just theory HIT ...
1 - It is necessary to stimulate muscle growth failure sharp or tell ...2 - Your workout should be short for3 - Let the body not only compensate , but overcompensation or adapt to this stimulus.
Did you know that you can increase your strength beyond 300 % , but knowing their ability to recover can increase by 50 % ?
The body needs only stimulate an adaptive response once , not over and over again , and that is just the minimum distance that makes the process of growth and recovery and recovers the body systematically , then the rest in between overcompensation established muscle ... then your training should be brief and infrequent . And all this is based on a genetic thing ... !
I think ...
A good design for bodybuilders is actually a strength program because muscle and strength are related.
This means that you must do what is minimally necessary to stimulate increased. No more than the minimum required is overtraining ! This means only one set per exercise ... Remember , you do not have to stimulate a response and again. Your goal is to do more work , I let the runners!
There is no reason to make a number of sets and rep range modify each representative until the last repetition performed almost impossible that works on the mechanism of body growth is nothing more than hot.Most representative beach , less stressful because of the weight to be used .
Great basic exercises , as mentioned above, must be central to increasing their training exercises like curls with small lateral routine down , triceps extension , etc. , if necessary.
All major core exercises do not have to do each workout, instead , just be once or twice per workout is a lot more with one or two smaller exercises.
Divided into a routine, you can have up to 4 or more split workouts with rest days between each , including the wonderful progress. You will not lose size but win!
Days off in the four most days all the way to 14 days, based on genetics and the overall range of the student's level . An advanced student can generate very intense contractions and force may be necessary 7 + days off as less experienced learner who has a low tolerance to strenuous exercise . Both grow, but at a different pace.
Advanced athletes require more intense contractions before the break. Superior technical resistance efforts are needed and they work very well in all years if well managed .
Both beginners and advanced athletes require large base of core exercises to activate the process of systemic growth of the body.
Monitoring progress monitoring means that your strength gains . It will be representatives of the gain or strength or both leading to a later date as a weight gain of muscle.
Diet plays an important role in the performance , progress and recovery. There must be quality cement instead of building the house . Macro Management - nutrients in many cases is very beneficial , allowing organizations to use as efficiently as possible so natural systems . Treaty should be limited.
Remember, you grow outside the gym not in it! This is one of means to ends . Use these factors in building your HIT workout routine and watch the progress of your speed and reach their genetic potential.
Bill Sahli is a veteran X competitive bodybuilder 37 years , HIT trainer , author and life coach with nearly four decades of experience.
Bill is the author of " The mind becomes mass : Beyond Time - The final approach
" Severe U - The Foudation " and
" High intensity Powerbuilding - The next step" .
" The empty contraction Burns - 4 Minute Abs everywhere" is a must for a flat stomach tight.
Its audio Teleseminar ? " Intensive Mentality " with his books can be found at
Bill is available for staff training in HIT and Lifecoaching . Bill by coaches and professional athletes location phone in the world is not limited .
Bill has trained bodybuilders, athletes, professionals, men and women with disabilities. His amazing techniques save hours in the gym , with most clients training 15-30 minutes in a week, allowing them to achieve their goals in record time .


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