8 Easy Tips to Pack on Muscle

Adding muscle to your body should not be a difficult task. Many people try to make muscle growth a series of careful calculations , picking up on every aspect imaginable . The worst thing is that the fitness magazines are fashion the concept of muscle building looks easy and immediate.

Do you really think that you can gain ten pounds of muscle in just six weeks ? If this is the case, more experienced bodybuilders do not train hard in the offseason .

The ' increase in muscle mass and strength can be a challenge, but the overall look is very simple if you have all your ducks lined up properly .

Rule # 1 - Take magazines "fitness" and begin to read books based on the quality of nutrition and training.

Rule # 2 - Designing a program and stick to it , do not do neither more nor less than what is described .

Your body does not build muscle by the will ; must force it to grow by subjecting them to increased levels of stress that is not used. This is the reason why a lot of couch potatoes when embarking on a fitness program , see significant results almost instantly.

However, the body is quick to adapt and it is only a matter of weeks before the body reaches a plateau . At this point , the challenge really begins.

Step 1 - Assess your physical

Your first task in building muscle is to take a complete look to your body and find your weaknesses and your strengths . Ask yourself some honest questions . If you have difficulty responding to someone else to help evaluate the trained eye .

* Superior my body is balanced against my lower body ?

* I am balanced in my arms ?

* Do my shoulders need more work ?

* He needs to pay more attention to my chest workout ?

* This is my new development under normal conditions ?

* How are my legs on my thighs ?

After identifying the strong and weak parts of the body , creating a training program on this basis. The idea is to train your body weaker party earlier this week , so you can give 100 % concentration and attention.

Step 2 - Use Free Weights

While machines and cables can give you a good pump , nothing better than free weights for the construction of sheer mass , power and strength . Free weights allow all the muscle fibers to come into play and use completely.

Step 3 - Use compound movements

Compound exercises such as squats, military press , bench ... build muscle foundations.

Compound movements are the basic exercise for building muscle . Use them first in your workout routine with weights to ensure full success of the first muscle stimulation muscle fatigue. Use isolation exercises such as flies, lateral raises , extensions, etc. , according to the ranking.

Step 4 - Use the correct form

For the safety and success , always use good form when lifting. Bad form is dangerous and does not stimulate the muscle properly. Incorrect form may be something to lift the weight unevenly lifting improperly.

To use good form , focus on the muscle in training and use only .

Step 5 - Maintenance Sets the minimum

You do not need to do countless sets to build muscle. Muscle growth is the result of a site on stimuli that particular muscle. Once the muscle is stimulated , it is still possible to stimulate the work is performed .

The actual muscle growth occurs outside the gym when you're looking at your body and let it rest .

Step 6 - Get Reps

To build muscle you need to constantly challenge your body in question. This means that using heavy poundage with some exercises, sets and reps .

Representatives for the growth of fiber and heavy bass . The range of the ideal representative for growth is 4-6 . If you can not do 4 reps , the weight is too heavy. If you can do more than 6 reps , the weight is too light.

Step 7 - Challenge your body

The body can quickly adapt to stress . Therefore , it is important to constantly groped the body to force it to grow. This means that you should always be to increase both your sequester or representatives.

Step 8 - Eating

Nutrition is the number one aspect of health , fat loss and muscle gain . To build solid muscle size , power, strength and density, it is necessary to feed quality food .

Now that you have done to build muscle, you can stop wasting time with many sets, reps , exercises , and loss of time in the gym . Always intense basic training .

Karen Sessions has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She is a nationally qualified bodybuilder and holds two personal training certificates . He has written six books on fitness and has helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies. http://www.iron-dolls.com

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