Anatomy of Belief, In Fitness (Part 2)

In Part 1 , the three broken phones belief and I promised to share more about how it affects your experience in fitness , exercise or physical performance.
So here I am , fulfilling this promise. I want to dive into the first applicant has spoken .
Where are you right now in your health and fitness?
Or ... if your athlete , where are you on your level of performance ?
Are you as fit as you want to be ?Will you burn the fat that your fight to get rid of ?Have you taken the strength and muscle mass of their hard work ?Is your game and not jumping performance in your sport?
If you answered yes to any of these questions (or that apply to you), then you've probably reached a plateau .
A plateau is often a point of diminishing returns as often found in many patterns of strength training, which is often solved by a change in training, but this is not the kind of tea I mean.
This is a tray of belief. So what needs to change is what appears to be truth and how you feel about your experience, skills and yourself.
If exercise , exercise or training towards a certain goal, but left that progress for a long time , then you may have reached its thermostatic point . The point that is comfortable ( but not necessarily answer ) .
And if you have been struggling to move for a while, then the only thing holding you back is a belief or two about their ability , potential or merit.
If you know what those beliefs are , as I said in Part 1, the valuable know what gives you the strength of these beliefs.
What are the references that you feel you preventing you belief is true ?
These references are in the form of past experiences , memories and lessons that can be taught . The most things , there is more belief.
Say you have a belief that says:
" I can not build muscle because I'm very skinny and have always been . "
What are the memories , experiences and lessons should believe instead?
The first and most obvious is in the same statement. You've always been skinny. It can be difficult to see the opportunity to live more than all I've known is to be thin and weak.
You may have memories of trying to workout routines once or twice giving no muscle growth.
Perhaps you've heard somewhere that the ectomorph and if , due to your body type , it is impossible for you to gain muscle.
These are the most obvious type of reference. There is also the identity references.
This becomes interesting because it's almost like we honor our mistakes to remember and act accordingly.
This is what I mean. For the previous example , suppose you have the opportunity to finally win always wanted a program that has worked for many people like you who have had this exact problem in muscle mass and strength, and delivered with the help of a control senior technician, knows exactly how to overcome obstacles that may arise and that success had thrown 100 % of the time in people.
It means "yes " for a while , but ... Do you remember that this is not at present are .
Remember that you have never known exercises . ( Although this could be partly due to poor performance or not)
Remember that this is dealing with what you know.
It's as if you have built an annex to the identity of someone who is struggling hard and gain muscle, and even if you have the opportunity to change, resistance remains because WHO remember that.
Once you leave the references to his belief become their identity, which stick to it as if the sense of self is lost if you let them go.
The way he is identified with its references are the means to filter their experience and what is possible for you and your filter is all about the emotional burdens . More on this in Part 3 .
Until then ... remember all the experiences , memories and sense of identity of a destination Fitness is not like it is now, but as it was . Everything depends on you at all times the possibility to renew these agreements with yourself , or forge new agreements.
Create new standards and build new beliefs , new experiences and a new identity around fitness.
Inspired by fitness ,
Clinton BoucheixCPT
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