7 Habits of Highly Effective Fitness

The name of this post may sound familiar to those of you who have read "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephan Covey.
These tips do not follow the outline of the book closely, but as the patterns in the book, which is completely change their thinking when it comes to your health!
So here you go. Be sure to leave a comment if any of these really hit home for you!
A. Control what you can - what you eat , exercise , sleep ...
Dos. When you control what you can , knowing that your weight fluctuates ( especially for women ) , no matter what you do . Look at the trend over time . It's like the stock market . You can not scare me if this action is one week ; instead, you should examine trends over time . Some weeks you will lose more than others. Some weeks you can not lose. Remember that you are there for the long term ! And most of our customers who have had amazing transformations in time to change habits. Do not give up , even if they had a bad week .
Three . The right eating and exercise lifestyle habits. What you eat will represent at least 75 % of your results . When diet , exercise, and all components of a comprehensive program combines , you can build lean muscle, lose body fat and tone up at the same time.
April. Remember that even if weight loss is a good goal , is not the only thing to do . Perhaps even more important inches , how clothes fit well , body fat and energy levels . If you have not read the article about 5 women who all have the same weight , click here and read .
May Replace minor habits habits that promote their goals - a large part of changing your lifestyle to a healthier life style is to replace other patterns , including non-destructive habits that will help you eat healthy and stay active . Unfortunately, we have only 24 hours in a day , it may mean cutting some television programs and social events to take time for new priorities. But if the goal is important to you , it will be worth it!
6. Find wellness and responsibility. Weight loss is difficult. There will be times when it stalls or slow. It can be easy to get frustrated and give up, but no! Surround yourself with people , whether family , friends or a coach will help you through .
7. Analysis of physical , mental and spiritual aspects that can be now! Some people find they have always seen themselves as heavy, and therefore have the mentally ill to realize they can get healthy . Some people use food to cope with stress or other problems that may arise. Step this way you can learn a lot about yourself .
8. Well, it's not a bonus. # 8 is that you can do it ! No matter how many times you have tried unsuccessfully quick solutions or diet . You can develop a healthy lifestyle that will lead to the results you are looking for. But what will happen if you do not think you can. Think about that for a minute ...
Good Luck!                     
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