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What is the factor of Venus and how it works? 

Factor of Venus is a 12 custom weeks in good health for women of all three phases to 4 weeks each. It is designed for women who want to lose and maintain a healthy, toned and fit getting better quality, safer life using a natural hormone that controls metabolism. This hormone is called leptin that controls your body to burn fat 100%
Venus Factor:

Programs Venus Factor essential principle called index. Venus Index is calculated using their height measurements, height and hip for your body. The number of ideal target should be 38% of your waist. Its ideal size is then multiplied by 1.42 to get your ideal shoulder position.

The number you calculated the rate of Venus will give you the areas you need to focus on getting the shape you want. A unique feature of this program is that obviously over weight people have to lose weight, but if Venus low weight factor tells you if you need to gain weight. Which is very special for a diet program or weight loss to tell gain weight.
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  Why it's better than the modes and generic plans? 

Venus is only factors stimulating Leptin is a hormone from the combustion of natural fat from your body. In the 12-week program you will learn the correct techniques and exercises that burn fat throughout the day. The bad exercises are harmful to fat burning and weight gain can in many cases.

Venus factor 

Fad diets can trick your body into thinking you are hungry put your body into survival mode and tacking on more fat. This is what is happening and is known as the effect of "yo-yo" when your body resist the double leptin rate. This is why people take so soon after weight loss. Factor of Venus will give you all the skills and knowledge to keep the fat by leptin as a metabolic replacement to work for you. Not against you.

When Venus factor binds are never alone! You will have access to immersion in the Community which gives support for technical questions and support you with others who have joined. Having the support of others who are trying to achieve the same healthy goals together. You never have to go alone! You will never be alone!

Venus factor:
Venus Factor is a natural technological break through world class John Barban in fitness and exercise. John studied physical education and physiology, and attended the University of Florida.


It is a start of the new you! Venus factor is really the beginning of a new, fun and energetic life with modest exercise techniques. No rigorous hour at the gym.
You will be part of the community group. You will never be alone! Even with new friends out to dinner or a girls night. It is always a great event something to people who share the same interest these days!

    Venus factor 

Follow the schedule and eating regular food. The metabolism of your body will use and burn fat for energy. When you reach success fit into your bikini or beautiful dress that has not been used outside and you feel so great full of confidence, all you have to do is maintain the support of the community with friends.

Factor of Venus is all natural so you can achieve sustainable goals. With the support of the community, it really will become a way of life. Each support each    other while feeling better emotionally, physically and socially.

The cost is less than a month partial gym membership.

Completely risk free! 60 money even if just is not for you.

Purchase absolutely secure.


Good health, exercise and become the new me with new friends may not be for everyone. This is fine.

Not sold in stores. 

You have to get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

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Enjoy and stay healthy.

I wish the best to all who have visited this site. Hope all is well and everything proceed with Venus Factor system and meet new people in the re-creation of the new you! Be sure to ask now what you are looking and feeling good,
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