Fitness Program - How You Can Be Fit Without a Formal Program

Why not have a formal fitness program , many have lost hope of being fit by doing regular physical activity that they know they should. The following shows how creative you can be in the form and get the task is necessary, even in the absence of a formal fitness program .

Let's say you are a married man with a family of five children, ages 18 , 14, 10 , 4 and 10 months. Bring the whole family and other demands , to have waived any regular exercise routine and resigned to their situation .

aerobic activities

Part of the solution to your problem is that you understand that you can get the majority of regular physical activity is needed, without having a formal fitness program . For example , suppose that your home has large front and rear garden . Usually, you can use the tractor to cut everything. But if you were to spend the first 20 to 30 minutes walk vigorously when mowing with a push mower before finishing the rest of the tractor , you get more than enough aerobic exercise for that day. So break your group so that you do it in two different days , you could get at least 2 of the 3 sessions of regular physical activity is required each week.

In addition to mow up and down a stage of 4-8 inches or more for 12 minutes once a week will provide all the ' aerobic activity is needed! Or up and down a flight of stairs in the house for 12 minutes or more would be another way to get that third workout for the week.

In addition to work and a step or stair climbing, many more opportunities for activities available. For example, having a son who is 10 months means that there are a lot of opportunities on a regular basis to push the baby in a stroller . Care to ensure that your child is secured in the stroller , you and your spouse can easily get 20-30 minutes of aerobic training on a regular brisk walking , while pushing the stroller .

With other children, both of you could get more than enough regular aerobic exercise simply by touching something active with each of these children on a regular basis . For example, just kicking a soccer ball back and forth with the older children for 20 minutes , keeping moving at a good pace providing great year .

In addition , you can also wash your car regularly vigorously by hand , manually clean floors , sinks, counters, etc. , and working in a family garden . These additional activities are representative of many other avenues available regularly in order to get enough physical activity to be , even if you do not have a formal fitness program .


Adding some push-ups, pull-ups, wall sits, and sit-ups performed regularly both provide the majority of resistance training is necessary. Even with the addition of some " fundamental traits should help keep the body flexible and stress are managed properly. And you do not even need to leave home to do it!

The point of all this is that you need in your life is sufficient , regular and continuous movement, and that movement can be achieved by a suitable combination of formal training sessions , active and vigorous leisure time doing work around the house . What's more is that 20 or 30 minutes of activity , do not even have to be all at once , in fact, could be done in ten-minute sessions at different times during a given day.

Given the ' " immense importance of getting enough regular physical activity , which should be an encouragement to know that you can work on the busiest programs that combine formal sessions of training , leisure and domestic work performed vigorously. You can be in the form and enjoy all the great benefits of regular physical activity , even without a formal program of exercise!


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