Fast Twitch Muscle - Developing Soccer Speed

In football players are now trying to reach , or their parents are looking for them to get the advantage of speed on the field. Whatever it is , state / provincial, regional or national level , the speed is a quality much desired by many coaches for their players to have. It does not matter if you're in England, Canada , France, Germany , Italy , Australia, ball speed , ball speed and the speed of thought will win more football games.

Unfortunately, in the mixture which is the desire for a quick fix to improve muscle function " fast twitch" . In other words, it is a hunt to find this four week program " speed training " .

First, it is important to understand the role of fast-twitch muscle . The simplest example is to look at the sprinters . Most sprinters are well developed gluteal muscles ( buttocks ) and the quadriceps ( thigh muscles ) .. Sprinters have strongly developed fast twitch muscles . They sprint distances of 40 meters and -100 rest.

These athletes focus on building strength and power in the gym and sprints and jumps on the track .

However , the development of speed in football is different for two reasons:

A. Calcium is a multi-directional sports.
2 . Football is played for 45-90 minutes , depending on the age of the player .
3 . The players need to learn how to stop and start to change direction at speed.

If players focus on the development of the rapidity with which to learn to slow down and change direction or build endurance will end up with a bullet in the thigh , quad shot , or in the worst case , blow the knee. Unfortunately, I have faced many times that I wanted in a clinical setting through training programs to speed unbalanced.

Players should focus on a well-balanced program . This includes the development and the speed of recovery . If a player is focused exclusively on speed will not have the stamina or strength to last an entire game , suddenly stop and change direction and prevent injuries.

For example, take the two men soccer players aged 14 to compete at the provincial or state . Player A is focused only on the speed of construction and player B focuses on athletic development .

Player A does not exercise "speed" and player B is a balanced program . Here's what happens at the end of 4 weeks , 8 weeks and 16 weeks.

After 4 weeks , the player A is faster than Player B because it focuses on faster than the player B is building strength and stability of a leg (important for deceleration ) production.

After 8 weeks , Player A is just a bit ' faster than Player B.

After 16 weeks , the player B is as fast as or faster than the player A , and is able to stop, start and change direction more effective player A.

A 14 -year-old male football player going through puberty and there are many changes in her body. Enough with the basic construction of power can improve the speed and lay the foundation for the fast-twitch muscle growth .

The same example could be a female soccer player as well .

The key here is to build a force of solid base, first with a good technique . Each player can increase the speed in two or three weeks , the key is to maintain and improve over time.

I've seen a lot of players when they were 14 , as slow as molasses, improve their speed over time to become stronger and faster than most of their teammates that was based solely on the " speed " 3-4 years down the line , ensure the opportunities and scholarships provincial and national studies .

As mentioned above , each player can improve the speed of 4 to 6 weeks. This is natural in any strength and conditioning program or " speed." This occurs because there are more cooking courage to get the muscle to contract . After this point, the increase will be minimal if there is no development of muscle mass and strength of the base.

Perhaps the best way to try to improve the speed is to look at what we are doing as human beings. We explore before you walk and walk before jogging and jogging before running.

Any player who wants to increase speed and build fast twitch muscle fibers need to develop a resistance to the solid base, then the power . Deceleration , the strength of core strength and leg alone should participate in this program as well. If you focus too much on slowing growth in the speed and change of direction to suffer forward.

Returning to our example of our young footballers man 14 years old , you must remember that they are 14 and think about their long-term development . You need the first foundation to prevent injuries may occur and development will be poor.

It is important to keep in mind that players need to develop first base strength to increase speed. This happens naturally . Of course, there are many exercises and techniques to increase the speed ; force if there is no increase in speed. Many times just to get your son or daughter to do the basic exercises like squat and lunge resistance , increase their pee on the football field , of course.

In summary, when you go looking for a training program for football speed should have some of the following in it :

- The progressive development of core strength
- Squats and deadlifts
- Single Leg Squat
raised rear squats broken
- Exercises explosive progressive
- deceleration
Integrated plyometrics ( jump training program )
- Interval plays conditioning / sprint
core strength

I hope this helps in the search for fast-twitch muscle development and increase the speed on the football field .


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