Gymnastics Exercises - Ring Training and More

Ok , so I wrote an article today about the benefits and superiority of gymnastics on your typical bodybuilding routine ... if Now for some real gymnastics exercises.
Now, if you're really into this stuff , I recommend you buy a set of gymnastic rings . Why ? Because gymnastics rings are incredibly versatile and lend themselves very well to tons of exercises. In addition , due to the lack of stability they provide ( or not provide ) training cycle is excellent for working muscles. Let's say you make a depression in the ground , the hands are in a fixed position . Now you say you have made ​​a dent on gymnastics rings ... your hands are free to move in any direction. This makes it much more difficult to maneuver, and it works on all types of small stabilizing muscles that normally do not drive. If you do not know where to buy, I bought a pair of good quality gymnastic rings on eBay for cheap enough, and I quickly .
OK , let's drive ring exercises.
Gymnastics Exercise # 1 - pushups on rings
In practice, I have described above, because they are so beneficial . Once you have your rings , back and down if you are just slightly off the ground . Take the handles , and write your normal pushup position at the top of the movement ( arms straight, elbows locked ) . Much more difficult to keep up there on the rings is not it?
Now just make a dent , and maintain a good shape. I guarantee that you will be able to do a lot less of them on the rings on the floor.
Gymnastics Exercise # 2 - Bulgarian diving underwater
This is an awesome ring training exercise you will feel almost the entire upper body. Why this name? Why were introduced by a Bulgarian appearance. OK, so increasing the rings and get ready to ride on them. You want to enter a submerged position , ie your body upright , standing with his hands at his sides , palms up , arms extended and elbows locked ( still holds this position , it may be very difficult if it is something you 've never done before ) .
Now lift the rings until the arms are parallel to the floor . As you bend over , put your hands inwards so that your palms are facing backwards ( ie , turn your hands inward 90 degrees) , you get to the bottom of the movement. Try to keep the hands shoulder width apart during the movement. Now that your recovery you put your hands to their original position ... and repeat.
This is a difficult move, and you may not be able to do many repetitions if you 've never tried this stuff before. While in the rings , will feel in the upper body . It will really work your chest (lower specific chest) more though. Search YouTube for " Bulgarian hollow " to see one in action.
Gymnastics Exercise # 3 - Pseudo Planche Pushups
There is a ring of a training exercise ... it is quite difficult . Take a pushup position normal to the height of the movement with your elbows locked . Now lean forward so that your hands are now somewhere between the hips and shoulders (as opposed to just below the shoulder like a regular driver's license ) ... keep your elbows locked . How can you lean forward will depend on how strong you are in this moment. If you can not lean forward a lot , okay ... do not force yourself to do something you can not do .
Now just make a dent in this position. It is difficult not to him. What you do is to lower the leverage you need to get up . In this way you train much harder without adding weight to it. Search YouTube to see in action " board nickname depression ."
So there you go ... training has three quality rings that will really get your muscles burn and build an impressive strength! Back , because I want to write about different training exercises ring in the future.


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