Building Muscle Fast - Is It Really Possible?

Building Muscle Fast - Is It Really Possible?
Training, magazines, supplement companies , and everyone in the world claiming to be an expert attempt to promise that you can build muscle fast . Just take the extra magic , and in 30 days you can see Ronnie Coleman !

Visit Not so fast . Children do not receive their magazines ripped , muscular physique taking pills , potions and powders. They came here because they have dedicated their lives to training and hard work to get there. And even if you have worked in the gym for months without making the progress you think you should , with a few simple tweeks in your training, you can begin to pack on the pounds and start pouring the disgusting fat hides muscle.

What it boils down to a few common mistakes that almost everyone in the gym doing .

A. Emphasis on " small muscles "

This is number one for many reasons. By focusing too much attention on small individual muscles and joints, isolation exercises like curls or lateral , do not use enough muscle. Isolation exercises are not bad, but think of them as condiments rather than food . Instead, the basis of their training in heavy compound movements like squats sessions , presses , deadlifts, and lines. Then, after their "big lifts " and then work some isolation exercises . Big lifts will make you stronger , allowing you to use heavy weights on isolation exercises .

Dos. Not progressing.

I see this set , most often in the bench press . If you work in the same weight week after week , you're not productive in the gym. It all boils down to adaptation. If you have not put enough pressure on the body , do not adapt. The body adapts to the stress of training to become stronger , bigger and better conditioning. The opposite is also true , however. If you do not stress the body through training, that will adapt and become weaker , slower, and bigger. Or , in the best case , it will be exactly the same. Instead , try adding weight gradually each time you train . If you add five pounds to your lift from a week to 10 weeks is 50 pounds ! However, it is very likely that the motor stops. That's fine, that's part of the process.

The bottom line is , you definitely need to add more weight, increase the number of repetitions or increase the speed at which the weight moves . The best is a combination of the three.

Three . Last but not least - EAT MORE !

If you followed steps 1 and 2, which are placing an increased demand on your body that you've done before. Therefore , you must feed your body accordingly. Getting adequate amounts of protein , carbohydrates and fats will help you build muscle without adding a lot of excess body fat . Do not be like all lean chicken there that says to eat a lot . If you are thin and weak, they do not eat enough . Take at least 3 meals a day , make it a goal to get 1 gram of protein per kilo of body weight, and add some carbs in foods like oats , potatoes, rice , fruits and vegetables. Finally , layer in some healthy fats from olive oil, coconut oil , nuts and seeds , avocados, grassfed butter and fish oil.

For most people who want to be bigger and stronger, it will give you ample room to grow for months or even years. These steps are simple , but their effectiveness is unmatched. Consequently , hard training , combined with a consistent supply of quality is an absolute guarantee to build more muscle faster than any other supplement , shake, or the latest muscle magazine workout.

Nate Aye is a strength coach and gym owner and founder of Rights - training. You can read more of my articles and get free training tips visit my website:


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